Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

What is Bariatric Surgery ?

The Word Bariatric Surgery is a Greek word which means Medical Treatment of Obesity and allied diseases and prevention.

How do we compare Liposuction and Bariatric Surgery ?

Liposuction is a body shaping surgery where focus is on improving shape rather than loosing weight. The maximum weight loss from liposuction is 6 - 8kgs whereas Bariatric Surgery focuses on a more gradual but permanent weight loss and fat reducing from all parts of the body.

Is Bariatric Surgery safe ?

It is proved by many studies that its far more dangerous to live life morbidly obese than to undergo Bariatric Surgery. It is re - routing of the digestive tract which might sound very dangerous, right ? But modern technology has made Bariatric Surgery relatively safe.

Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery ?

Infact many patients have trouble getting pregnant prior to surgery and it cures infertility after surgery, a good news for obese childless couple. Pregnancy should be avoided for 1 year in a women of child bearing age, following Bariatric Surgery.

Am i a candidate for bariatric surgery ?

People who have tried many unsuccessful fad diets, and have failed different means of weight loss and fall into the above BMI as in the table and suffering from blood pressure, migraine, obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), osteoarthritis, infertility, diabetes mellitus type-2, hypercholestremia, hypertriglyceridemia are candidates for Bariatric Surgery.

What are the side effects of Bariatric Surgery ?

You might have to part away with your present wardrobe because of weight loss; slight fall in hair(temporary), there might be some kind of generalised weakness in case you don't follow your surgeon's and dietician's advise.

Is Bariatric Surgery a Cosmetic Surgery ?

Many people dont realise that it should not be taken lightly or performed as frequently as botox or cosmetic procedures. It is definitely and a final step for overweight people weighing over 40kg(approx.) over their ideal body weight. It is not a Cosmetic Surgery

What are different types of Bariatric Surgeries ?

(1) Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: The most common procedure and most popular in the world Hormonal and Restrictive procedure.
(2) Mini gastric bypass/Omega loop bypass/One anastomosis bypass.
(3) Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.
(4) Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band.

All the above procedures have there over merits and demerits over one another. Your Bariatric consultant is the best person to guide you as per your understanding, age, motivation and co-morbidities(Medical problems) as to which procedures suits you the best.

How much will I be able to eat and enjoy ?

People who undergo Bariatric Surgery can infact celebrate their birthday/anniversary with a little cake, they just can't have more than required people adapt new, reasonable, healthy eating habits. Trying to eat too much at one time would make it hard to keep the food down. Patients can go out to a restaurant, take a cooking class and host a family dinner during festivals.

The Final Question ?

Always ask your bariatric Surgeons all the question which concern you and always bring your spouse/ parents/ friends who can join you in discussion on bariatric Surgery and most important is to ask for patient references from your Bariatric Surgeon who have undergone similar procedures, there contacts and emails with whom you can discuss the quality of life and kind of weight loss after Bariatric Surgery.